One of today’s main objectives of AFR study is to employ advanced and developing technologies, tools and techniques into the overall study, research, and documentation of Building Conservation, enabling AFR to be a central player in the historical investigation of preservation and conservation projects.

The APR-AFR community continues to strive for international standardization of the field, the cooperation between professionals, and the distribution and sharing of knowledge.

The 7th International Architectural Finishes Research Conference organizing committee is sending out a call for papers and posters for its next meeting in Tel Aviv, 14 – 16 October 2020.  We invite submissions from AFR specialists and advanced students, as well as members of related disciplines including art conservators, preservation architects, decorative painters, heritage managers and material scientists. 

All work submitted for this conference should not have been presented elsewhere or been published. 


Topics should ideally include but are not limited to:

1. Multidisciplinary AFR research, documentation and study - Studies using a multidisciplinary research method, integrating cultural, historical, investigative, material and any other discipline used in the process of understanding and documenting a historic architectural finish in the built environment.

2. Historical Architectural Finishes – Studies in which Architectural Finishes research has shed new light on history, by revealing and studying layers, traditional materials and traditional techniques. Cases in which developing and/or new technologies and techniques have altered existing knowledge.

3. Microscopic Examination of Historic Architectural Finishes – Studies involving new techniques or reanalysis of existing data to further our understanding of historic finishes and their use.  

4. Murals and color systems in sacred spaces – Projects and research in conservation and preservation in places of worship. One area of investigation is how conservation and preservation techniques and methods been affected by the cultural and/or religious surrounding in which it was undertake.

5. Sgraffito – case studies of Sgraffito conservation; materials, techniques, themes, styles and preservation.




The language of the conference, proposals, lectures, posters, and publications is English. We invite original research that has not be previously presented or published elsewhere.

Please submit here your proposal for a 20-minute lecture or poster by December 20, 2019. In the Subject line, note “AFR Conference Proposal” and the last name of one author (co-authors, if any, will be listed in the proposal).

The proposal to be sent as attached MSWord document, will include:

- presentation title;

- author/s name/s and her, his, or their institutional/academic/business affiliation/s;

- abstract (up to 500 words).

Please add a short CV a paragraph long  in the submitting form. 

Presentations in abstentia are not possible.
Papers will be selected by the end of January 2019.
Selected speakers and poster authors will be notified by February 2020.

Details as to registration, participation fees and payment methods can be found on our conference site

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